Why do I see an Error Message before I am even able to input any payment information?

Chris Keller -

  • If you are seeing an error message with an Emergent Payments logo, there may be several reasons you are unable to complete a purchase at this time. Please make sure your billing information (name, address, country, etc) is entered exactly as it appears on your card and/or matches the billing details on record with your bank/card-issuing institution.
  • If you feel that there may be an issue with your card/payment account and our system, please contact your bank first to confirm your account is fine to purchase currently. This will help narrow down whether the issue may lie with the bank in question or the issue is completely within our system.
  • Please also make sure your account with the game/service provider is in good standing. If this is your first time purchasing with this particular game/service provider, your new account may have limits on what you can purchase. For example, you may only be able to purchase a certain number of bundles/items, or have a cap at a certain price point (i.e., no more than $100 without clearance). You may want to contact the game/service provider directly at the Support section of their website.
  • We also have measures in place to prevent abuse or theft of payment information to protect the safety and security of your account. If you have reason to believe this may be behind the reason for your payment decline, please submit a Support ticket with us and we will investigate as quickly as we can.
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